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Women in the Labor Market on Osvrt

 On Wednesday, 08.06.2017. Karmela Šegvić was a guest in the TV show Osvrt on TV Adriatic. The show often deals with various social problems and all forms of discrimination of all social groups in a subordinate position.

This time, the topic was gender inequality in the labor market. On this occasion, Karmela emphasized that Croatia has elaborate mechanisms and laws that serve to prevent discrimination in the labor market, but it is still widespread. Women's unemployment is higher than in men, although women are the majority of the population in Croatia, which simultaneously exposes them to greater risk of poverty. Even when we compare male and female employees, it is evident that they are a minority in high paid positions and are much easier to hire on poorly paid jobs. One of the often unrecognized forms of discrimination against women is questions in job interviews that relate to their marital status and family-based desires.

Problems do not end with job searches, women are more exposed to various forms of harassment and discrimination at work, discrimination based on physical appearance, unwanted touches and sexual commentary.

As a solution, there is always an option to apply to the Gender Equality Ombudsperson or Labor Inspectorate, but this problem needs a more permanent solution. Therefore, we need public policies that will provide equal opportunities for jobs and equal chances for progress.

You can see the whole show here.

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